Time Out!: A Sports Fan's Dream Year

Will Publishing

Have you ever wanted to call a time-out on your life? In 1997, middle-aged Birmingham businessman Edgar Welden did just that. Pushing aside most of the day-to-day reponsibilities of his corporate life for one full year, Welden embarked on a once-in-a-lifetime sporting adventure, traveling more than 120,000 miles to attend more than 250 different sporting events—from blockblusters like the World Series and the Super Bowl to the offbeat X-Games and the grueling Iditarod. Surely no fan in the history of American sports has displayed such relentless devotion to the thrill of being a spectator. In the end, Welden discovered that his year on the road was about much more than the events he attended. Indeed, it was about the journey. Time Out!, the book he wrote with Keith Dunnavant, is his sometimes funny, always entertaining travelogue about the unforgettable year when he reveled in the simple joy of living his dream.

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