A sampling of magazine and newspaper articles from Keith Dunnavant's print journalism career.

Out of Darkness

Dunnavant's Paydirt Illustrated (1995)

"For the first 52 years of his life, Charley Pell was driven by an inner rage..."

The Prosecution Never Rests

Atlanta Magazine (1996)

"There are times when Nancy Grace dreads the darkness..."

Awash in Red Tape

Los Angeles Times (1988)

"Jens-Peter Berndt stood on the edge of free West Berlin recently, just short of the barbed wire, armed guards and watch towers, and gazed across the Berlin Wall into the life he left behind..."

The best yet from QB U?

The National (1990)

"As soon as the barrage started last Halloween, Mike Jenkins stuck his head out the front door and tried to get a good look at the culprit..."

Tumbling Dice

Mediaweek (2000)

"Tom Wolfe will carry the memory to his grave. One night in 1968, shortly after the publication of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, which cemented his reputation as one of the fathers of new journalism, the author agreed to take a ride..."

Majors' Betrayal

Sport Magazine (1993)

"On one of those muggy summer mornings that makes Pittsburgh feel more like New Orleans, Johnny Majors leans forward in his desk chair and recites the tidy little list to which he has reduced his rage..."

Risky Business

Atlanta Magazine (1998)

"On a dreary winter afternoon on the steps of the Georgia state capitol, Ralph Reed ignores the thunder rumbling in the distance..."

The Chef Who Came Out of the Cold

South Walton Life (2002)

"Even now, Sandor Zombori remembers how the snow drifted from the sky without any wind. If only he could forget the snow, perhaps he could forget the rest..."

The Miracle Within

Dunnavant's Paydirt Illustrated (1997)

"When the dreams overtake him in the middle of the night, transporting him to a world that exists only in his sub-conscious mind, Kent Waldrep feels whole again..."

Goal to Go

Sport Magazine (1994)

"The moment the ball hit the ground may haunt Turner Gill forever. Because an incomplete pass is sometimes much more than an incomplete pass..."

Unsafe at This Speed?

BusinessWeek (1999)

"It's a routine Monday morning inside Daytona USA, the $20 million interactive museum celebrating America's fascination with stock car racing..."

Quick Hits

Excerpts from a life of chasing deadlines (1979-2014)

"Peyton Manning takes the ball in his right arm and executes a perfect seven-stop drop, scanning the horizon for an easy mark..."

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